Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blog Inspiration

Hi, everyone! Phew, the last time I have updated this blog was four years ago lol. And at that time, I was selling my HP mini note. Would you believe that I didn't sell it at all. I've realized that since it's a laptop I have purchased through my retirement pay from working in a call center for seven years, I can't just let go of  it easily. I am thankful that I didn't sell it and now, I in fact I am still using it.

Anyways, I have created this blog to share with you my ways on how to earn extra whether through business, investments or online work. It has been my advocacy ever since that every person has the capability to produce money. You just need to have the knowledge, the skills and the perseverance to pursue it. I hope through this blog, I will be able to inspire others to find other means of earning besides working full time as a corporate slave. I am still learning but I am willing to share with you my adventures in pursuing my advocacy. Let's go ahead and explore other possibilities and may we all live the life of abundance. Amen.

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