Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Blog Inspiration

Hi, everyone! Phew, the last time I have updated this blog was four years ago lol. And at that time, I was selling my HP mini note. Would you believe that I didn't sell it at all. I've realized that since it's a laptop I have purchased through my retirement pay from working in a call center for seven years, I can't just let go of  it easily. I am thankful that I didn't sell it and now, I in fact I am still using it.

Anyways, I have created this blog to share with you my ways on how to earn extra whether through business, investments or online work. It has been my advocacy ever since that every person has the capability to produce money. You just need to have the knowledge, the skills and the perseverance to pursue it. I hope through this blog, I will be able to inspire others to find other means of earning besides working full time as a corporate slave. I am still learning but I am willing to share with you my adventures in pursuing my advocacy. Let's go ahead and explore other possibilities and may we all live the life of abundance. Amen.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Selling my HP Mini Note

Good day everyone! It's my rest day today and I have no plans of leaving the house today. I just made some blog entries and made some sponsored posts. I do want to make it up to my blogs because I haven't been able to update them for the longest time this year. I have been busy with so many things so I want to make sure that I update them with at least one post for each blog.

Well, earlier today I was having issues with Asha, my HP Mininote laptop. Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel isn't working so I thought of selling it online. It's not that I don't want my HP laptop anymore but it's been acting up for quite sometime now and I'm already tired of troubleshooting. I only had it for one month and it's already a pain in the butt. Well, I'm still waiting for offers. I'm selling it for P12,500 - way lower than it's original price. Here's my sulit ad, I'm really not in a hurry and I'm still having second thoughts about it so que sera sera.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Happy New Year Everyone! I hope all of you had a great Christmas! Well mine was also a happy one though I only celebrated it with my hubby as I still have a shift at 5:30 am the next day. We just cooked spaghetti, friend chicken, rice and fruit salad for dessert. It all went well.

Hubby and I also went to QC Circle last Dec. 23 and back again last Dec. 26 this time with mama, kuya elmer and empoy. I still can't believe how they were able to transform the old Quezon City Circle from being boring into a wonderful, fun and colorful amusement park! Went there at around 4pm with the whole gang. We used a picnic mat and purchased a barbeque meal from a nearby kiosk. What's good about going here is that it would not hurt your budget. For around P200, you can already bring your family here as the entrance fee would only cost you P30 each. Children below 3 ft. will have a free entrance. There are a lot of food stalls here and vendors as well. I bet you'll get a hearty meal for only P40 each. Well, you can also bring your own baon to save the money for the rides! All in all, we only spent around P500 for the four of us. So cheap compared to the happiness this experience had brought us. Another extra ordinary proof the best things in life are indeed free.

met them at SM North at around 3PM

Empoy got a gift from Ninong Jojo!
our picnic area

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Another year has passed and I have so many things to thank the Lord for last 2011!  The mere fact that I am still alive is already a big blessing as some of my friends have already left this world. I thank the Lord for my father's second chance to live. Since we rushed him to the hospital last month, I feel as if he was given another chance to live. To do things differently this time and to make sure that he lives his life for God's glory. I hope and pray I can help him do his life's mission.

I have done so many things this 2011 that are also worth remembering. I have started my online shop in Facebook which is a dream come true for me. At last, I already have a business that I can call my own. I also started with my transcription job though lately, I wasn't able to work as much as I want do to sched limitations. Blogwise, I know I didn't improve or I may say it became worse. I haven't exerted much effort in blogging as I did in the past. I haven't earned as much as well. I think I need to do things differently this time. I guess I need to focus more on this part time job than on anything else as it's a proven source of income. So this 2012, one main goal I'll be working on would be to have a passive income through my blogging business and to update this blog as often as I can. Happy New Year everyone!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My First Transcription Job

Just finished my first work as a transciptionist! Whooaaa! And mind you, I literally worked on a 15 minuted audio file for 4 hours! Four long hours! My back was aching and I can hardly sit on my chair. The first transcription job was about a guy who interviews a Spanish girl about how she uses her IPAD. It's a back breaking job indeed. But I'm happy. I'm happy though tired because I was able to finish my first job! From 2 am to 6 am I was working on that job. Took my breakfast and again worked on a 2 minute file...and it took me another 30 minutes! Waaah! I hope I get be used to it. If this would be my bread and butter next year, I need to be good at it. I earned P185 pesos today because a minute audio file transcription would earn me $0.25 and since I had 17 minute audio job done...I've earned a humble amount of $4.25 today. Not much but I'm so proud of myself! What a great day to spend my restday. By the way, I'll go back to work again tomorrow at 1:30 am. I hate my schedule! Hopefully, things will be better at work as well very soon. Will update you.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Yippee! Received an email from the boss, finally! I will patiently wait...

Pending Online Job

I was supposed to hit the gym earlier today because it's my day off and it's payday! We have plans of going to Trinoma and also have our weekly grocery. But for some reason (maybe because the air is so "maalinsangan"), we got sleepy. It's around 1 PM that time so we thought of taking a nap and just go out at around 4PM. Hubby woke up at 3 PM and ironed our clothes...I asked him to just wake me up at 4. He did but I am still sooo sleepy and just pleaded for another hour. It's already 5 and I still feel so lazy so I just cancelled our date and told him we'll just gonna do it tomorrow. I really hate myself whenever I do have a plan for that specific day and I'm not able to do it. Arrrgh, it sucks! Woke up at 7PM and just worked on my online job.

I was hired as an online transcriptionist through odesk that pays $0.25 for every audio minute you transcribed. What's good about it is that you can work at your own phase. You will not be required to work on a specific time and date but of course the amount of money you'll earn depends on the effort you exert. When I was hired, I felt as if I will not be able to find time for it so I asked them if I could suspend my work for a month or two though I have already finished all the necessary training modules for the job. They agreed,  and for the past two months...I was not able to work on it. But earlier today, an idea came to mind. I think I now can handle such responsibility as I would like to just spend an hour or two for it. I immediately requested for a slot but haven't heard from them. The paranoid me starts thinking negatively again. Well it's just been three hours since I sent the message, I'll wait till Monday for the confirmation. Lord whatever happens, Your will be done.